The Evolving Distribution Marketplace for Short and Indie Filmmakers

For short and Indie filmmakers, the days of controlled film distribution by corporate entities are long gone. Methods for distribution of short and independent films were once regulated to the point where access to the marketplace was nearly impossible for filmmakers. The chances of an independent filmmaker landing a distribution deal were few and far in between, and for those who were fortunate enough to actually secure a distribution deal, chances were that the filmmaker would make very little money and gain very little regard.

Many independent filmmakers have chosen to take the self-distribution route instead. Although the risk is parallel to attempting to secure a distribution deal, many filmmakers are more hands-on when it comes to marketing their films to their potential audience. However, without the necessary budget, support and knowledge of the distribution industry, filmmakers could find themselves overwhelmed, undersold, and indebted.

As technology continues to evolve, filmmakers have more options and resources available to them for modern “alternative” self-distribution options. Independent films are being produced at all-time high rates, and as the interest and demand of the market increases, so does the supply and the competition. Every year, thousands of independent and short films are submitted to various film festivals with the hopes of gaining recognition and securing a distribution deal in the process. However, this method is also not guaranteed and can leave the filmmaker feeling less than adequate. Not to mention, most of the attendees consist of other filmmakers which are not the target audience for a filmmaker.

The key to modern distribution is marketing the film to the right audience. SHORTies is a unique platform through the VIVE Lifestyle Network designed to deliver an audience and present short films, documentaries and independent films of every genre identification and recognition.

What makes SHORTies unique is that it is the first of its kind to offer 24/7 linear streaming films by facilitating monetisation through spot adverts. Additionally, the filmmaker obtains brand affinity, exposure to an enormous audience and remuneration through the television channel which showcases independent films, documentaries, and, of course, short films.

There can be many obstacles that arise when seeking to secure a distribution deal. With more alternative options on the table, the process can be even more baffling. SHORTies provides the solution to timelines, delays, and even payout issues that many filmmakers may find themselves experiencing without the proper preparation or knowledge of how to handle such situations.

SHORTies is part of a global lifestyle television network available to every screen through the ‘VIVE Lifestyle Network’, creating a much wider audience than that available through traditional film distribution methods. Films on the SHORTies network air in 90-day increments where viewers will be allowed to stream SHORTies free of charge or choose to pay for individual downloads. Based on viewer demand, some films may air longer allowing filmmakers the potential to earn more revenues generated by adverts that show immediately before the film.

Film distribution has definitely changed as technology now allows for filmmakers to have direct access to the market including video-on-demand companies such as Netflix, iTunes and Amazon to name a few. The ever evolving marketplace for Indie and short films brings new challenges and hurdles that may be difficult to overcome without the proper support system. When looking to build a loyal audience, distribute and sell your film, resources such as SHORTies are the answer to many of the obstacles most filmmakers experience at some point in their career.

For more information about SHORTies, you may visit our website at You can also help spread the word by using #SHORTies. The SHORTies television channel will be launching very soon.


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