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Dear Filmmaker,

Thank you for your interest in being involved with SHORTies! This unprecedented, incredible opportunity is a real labour of love for everyone involved, and it is our mission to show the world the finest collection of short, documentary and indie films anywhere available on every screen – from tablets to game boxes to smart TV’s and cable boxes everywhere.

Not just another aggregator.

For the record, the SHORTies Channel is not designed to imitate, rather it is conceived to be the first-of-its-kind platform that facilitates the monetisation of linear streaming films for anyone to watch gratis. Yes, SHORTies comprises spot adverts… However, VIVE Lifestyle Network is a massive proponent of relevant advertising – not the kind that alienates audiences. That being said, we have plenty of inventory to sell, so we invite filmmakers to join the crusade, so to speak. If you want to personally procure a sponsor for your film and create a spot advert on their behalf, you are quite welcome to do so. The bonus is that you keep the production fees – we simply rev share on the air time.

It’s truly a win-win-win:
  • The sponsor gets a brilliant, interactive spot that airs for a minimum of 90 days on SHORTies throughout the entire VLN platform.
  • You, the filmmaker, get remuneration, brand affinity, and exposure.
  • We get brilliant content funded by ingenious spot adverts with which the audience will engage.


Again, the ‘bring-your-own-sponsor’ scheme is strictly optional. If you choose not to participate, that is absolutely fine by us. VLN will use its best efforts to sell a spot in front of your work, though we cannot guarantee spot sales for everyone in the beginning, hence the importance of community. All for one, and one for all! Collectively we can build a phenomenal channel that draws millions of viewers thereby drawing substantial sponsors and advertisers. With your help through social and professional networks, the world will come to recognise SHORTies as the ultimate indie film authority. Then, there is the whole awesome fundraising-through-CROWDPOWER aspect, but let’s stick to the task at hand.

Sound good? Let’s do this!

So, you’re game. Now what? It’s quite straightforward actually. First, you’ll need to remit the administration fee(s). This covers our human resource costs for pre-screening your film(s) among other minor things. Apart from remitting the fees, you will be expected to input specific data relevant to each film you submit. We aim to provide feedback within 10 working days of each batch you submit, and ‘batches’ are limited to 10 films maximum (In other words, we have limited filmmakers to submitting 10 films at a time in an attempt to keep turn-around time manageable.). If admission to SHORTies is granted and you accept the terms of the revenue sharing agreement, we will provide instructions for file sharing.

Here’s a more visualisable version of above


We appreciate your time and support in advance, and we very much look forward to receiving your applications and the possibility of a mutually satisfying relationship.


The SHORTies Team
VIVE Lifestyle Network


“Indies are gourmet and blockbusters are a barbecue.” – Ethan Hawke translation by Indiewire, March 2015